Thursday, October 17, 2013

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - WEEK SIX - a little Late

The Bengals versus the Bills. Bengals on top. Nice. It was a messy win, but a win nonetheless. I'll take it. I'm late on the draw for this week's quotes, but it's been a crazy week... I'm on them now. 

But first, let me mention the Honorable Mentions...those quotes that were not quite right for last week... or came on Monday night.

"He didn't have one of those little pink flags."
I love that the NFL is promoting Pink Ribbon Awareness, but yeah, this guy messed up and threw the wrong flag and thankfully we had the announcers to point that out.

"Throwing a rough block."
I suppose it's better than throwing a rough rod in there. Just sayin'.

And now for those quotes this week. Some real zingers in this bunch.

"Not gonna get anywhere watching the Quarterback's eyes."
I don't know. There might be some signals there he doesn't want to miss. Wink, wink.

"Here's the shot. Got him good."
Who knew play by play could be so X-Rated?

"Guns it over the middle."
Sounds fast and hard. My kind of guy.

"Man on Man coverage."
Yes, this is a play and a coverage style, but it sounds so hinky. Yes, I went there.

"Great hands procedure."
Sounds like an award or an insurance commercial. 

"Read the 2 deep zone."
Nothing wrong with going two deep. Six deep is fun, too.  

And now for that Doozy of the Week:

"Dislodges the ball and that's what effort gets you."
Sounds like he's holding in so tight it popped out. Kinky or really painful. You decide. 

Thanks for reading. Hopefully your team won and if they didn't, well, there's always next week. 
Stay tuned for my picks from Week Six!

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