Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday on Thursday

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It's WIP day and yes, I'm a day late. It happens. Some of you know I write as Megan Slayer as well as writing as Wendi Zwaduk. Why? Because there are things that Megan can write and get away with that Wendi can't. Is that bad? Nope. I realize there are readers of Wendi who don't want the elements I have in my Megan work and that's cool. I don't mind. But Megan's been getting a lot more attention lately. It's not a bad thing, just the juggle of writing two names.

So what have I been up to under the Wendi brand? I'm still plotting out Arran/Sav/Mindy's story. It's complicated and I really need to sit down to plot it out correctly. There's a lot of "him" going on in this one.

Anything else? Yes. Although she's not talking really loud, Summer, from Please Remember Me has been chatting with me. She and Andrew Speedle had a thing and would like to sort the thing out or go their separate ways. So... I'm listening.

I used to think I was a powerhouse writer. Give me a short deadline and I'll knock that sucker out. These two stories are proving to me that the powerhouse isn't going full tilt. That's not a bad thing. :-) So enjoy and happy reading while I'm happily writing for you.

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