Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday ~ Untitled~

This is from a currently un-named work that's been floating around. I'm not cool with the idea of people running away from spouses, but these two just stuck around. Who knows...might turn into something some day. Enjoy!

“I used to think about the nights we shared together before I found out that you didn’t love me anymore. I’d reminisce on the nights we spent down by the creek. I’d picture you standing in the creek, naked and begging for me to join you,” she said and closed her eyes.

A smile drifted onto her lips. “He had no idea I was thinking about you. He thought I was fantasizing about him.” She sighed lightly and asked,” Why? Did you think about me?”

“It was hard not to,” Sam admitted. “I had no idea what love was until I left. I tried to picture her, but you kept returning to my brain like a dream.”

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