Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday!!

trebuchet / 123RF Stock Photo

So what's happening on the WIP front...not much. Okay, that's not totally the truth. I mean, things are happening.

Rhiannon from Savin' Me got her story told. I had no idea she wanted a story and then she started talking. Grin. Love when that happens.

Arran and Mindy have started talking again, too. Apparently, and yes, Toni, this is for you, there's trouble in paradise, but not the trouble one might think. Grin. I won't disclose a lot, but let's just say there's jealousy there. I love torturing my characters.

Summer from Please Remember Me has come back. I had a lot of people asking me about Jude and Drew from When You're With Me and that got Summer talking. I'm excited. Now if Maggie would start talking, I'd be in like Flynn....

Oh well, back to the bat cave!

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