Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday ~ Play to Him

It's time for ten lines...hmm....I always seem to not know what the heck to post. I've got a short that's in edits right now, Play to Him. How about ten lines from that? Yeah, sounds good. Here you go!

“You’re thinking too much.” He eased up behind her and massaged her temples. She fought the natural urge to moan. “You come alive when we play. The real you takes over and you’re happy.” Sebastian trailed his fingers down her arms to her sides, then freed the zipper on her skirt. The garment fell to the floor in a soft thump. He palmed her bottom. “I want you to be happy.”

She grasped her fingers. He read her so well and got to the core of her issues within moments.

Sebastian removed the bracelet. Something clicked behind her. Blood pounded in her veins. Cuffs. He secured the handcuffs in place, then strolled around her. “This needs to go.” One tug on the ribbon laces and the corset landed at her feet. “Come forward.”

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