Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday ~ Saturday Night Special

Since the Tasty Tuesday post has been removed, I thought I'd made today the Ten Line Tuesday Day. Ten lines from my WIP. This is from the unedited, expanded version of Saturday Night Special. Enjoy!

The late day sunlight light spread across the interior of the truck, making her eyes shine and her skin the perfect shade of peaches and cream – like unblemished porcelain. She took his breath away with nothing more than a smile.

Mallory patted the seat. “I needed a soft place to sit. These heels are killing me.”

His gaze slid down her sculpted calves to her shoes. His shivered. His cock pressed against his fire suit. Damn. He gave in to a quick fantasy and envisioned Mal in nothing but those high heels. “They’re killing me too.”


Realizing he verbalized his thoughts, his attention snapped back to her face with a quick meander over the way her black miniskirt hugged her curves and blood red halter cupped her breasts.

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