Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Snoggin' with the Sunshine of Your Love

Every week I look forward to the Sunday Snogs. It's a fun time and my TBR list grows. For my contrinution to the Sunday Snogs, I'm showcasing my newest release Sunshine of Your Love. Click the banner above for the rest of the snogs, the banner below to get your copy and keep reading for the snog!!

And now for that snog!!!

“Why don’t you drive?”

Noel offered his hand. “Yeah?” He helped her off the trunk of the car, but didn’t back up. The hem of her dress caught on his jeans leg, exposing most of her thigh. She wriggled to cover herself up, but he stopped her again. “Been a long time since I’ve seen something so sexy.” He smoothed the fabric, palming her thigh on the way down. “A long time.”

His lips parted and his breath warmed her skin. The musk of his cologne wrapped around her, enveloping her in his strength and masculinity. She placed her hands on his chest. His pulse thrummed under her hand. If she bounced on the balls of her feet, she’d be able to kiss him. His words came back to her. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Then she’d take her chance today.

Cindy licked her bottom lip then captured his mouth in a kiss. Noel hummed and curled his arms around her waist. He tightened his grasp, holding her flush against his body. His erection jabbed into her stomach. Heat from him radiated along her nerve endings. His tongue tangled with hers. Feeling bold, she sucked on his tongue and ground her hips on his thigh. If they hadn’t been in the middle of the parking garage, she’d gladly have helped him initiate her trunk lid.

Noel pulled away first. A predatory look filled his brown eyes. “Get in the car.”

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