Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another Review! You'll Think of Me - A Review!

So I opened my emails yesterday, and low and behold, the first review for You'll Think of Me. Pretty nice and lots of lovely compliments. Thanks Virginia!

Here's the review from Coffee Time (or you can read it here):


ISBN # 978-0-85715-341-8
November 22, 2010
Total-E-Bound Publishing
93 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Melanie Roberts has just about given up hope that the soldier has waited so long for will come home and admit that he loves her and needs her. Not that this puts a damper on her feelings for him... but she knows that he will not settle for her love, at least not her love alone. She has taken steps to be able to walk away… but her body is begging her to stay.

Cade Nicholson has been injured and will not be going back to the battlefield again. He is home for good and injured. Feeling like he is no longer a whole man and haunted by the things he has seen, he longs to come home to Melanie, the one thing in his life that makes him feel safe. Will he be able to silence the demons that are tearing him apart and have the kind of relationship with her that she deserves?

Passion erupts as hot and fast as a wildfire and these two lovers are swept back into a relationship that mirrors the one they shared in the past. When a woman determined to steal Cade away from Melanie slides into the scene, claws at the ready to tear them apart, will their love be strong enough to stop her? Or will the ghosts of the war and mistakes of the past keep them apart?

A tender tale, blended using the trauma of a military man coming home to try to have a normal life and a woman who is ready to be strong for him when he needs it, You’ll Think Of Me is written with a harmonious mix of passion and love that is as achingly beautiful as the song it was named after. Cade encapsulates the many feelings a veteran has to deal with when trying to cope with life at home after the trauma of war, while Melanie is the kind of woman any soldier would love to come home to. Although parts of the story were somewhat repetitive and could have been tightened up, for the most part it was elegantly told and well rounded. An excellent story and I will look forward to more from this author’s creative pen.

*Warning: Graphic erotic scenes

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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