Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thank You Thursday

I haven't done this recently, but I thought I'd say thanks to more than a couple people. My WIP and resub have been giving me fits. More than a few. I want to get them right, not just done. I've seen what happens when I get things "done". It's not pretty and usually ends up with me in tears. (Insert here: Rejection/Resub) There's been more than a couple things concerning the works that I cannot, to save my life, wrap my mind around.

Thus the thank you.

I have some great CP's. I do. Even those who aren't there step by step, I've got some great people to help me figure things out when my brain just doesn't want to work. For example, my dear CP has been going through "Please Remember Me" and really doing a fantastic job. I'll be honest, I'm the one falling down on the clock with it. She's been patient and explained things, but I've not understood. Another CP, who just looked a small passage from same part explained what I'd been missing in the exact same way. Brain still didn't get it. Then she said, look at it this way: there is a moment right here where I want to know what she's doing to get him to think this.

Talk about DUH moment.

If I hadn't had both of them helping me, I'd still be lost and more than a bit frustrated. Did it help with the rest of the resub. Sure it did. I'm looking at it way differently now. There's the same words, but now I have more of an idea what I'm missing. Was one way better than the other? Nope. Both were effective and both were resources I'll use later on (like in the next story), but *I* had to get my brain in gear. N, M...thanks.

Now I can't recall what article/blog I saw this on, but I'd been getting really down in the dumps about my WIP and resub. I felt like I wasn't 'getting' it and wasn't doing justice to the stories. I like to read blogs and sites and such, and started to think, well, gee, these people are getting in gear, I should be, too. Then I read an article where the author put it this way: You write at your own pace. Sure, lots of people will be around you getting contracts and having release days. If you make it into a competition, then you're not setting yourself up to be successful or healthy. You'll end up frustrated and worse, your writing will suffer.

Boy was she right. So to whomever said that, and granted, there is more than likely a ton of people who think that way, thanks. Made me feel better and jazzed me up to work on one of the many other WIP's while I sort out the resub and edited WIP.

Thanks, you all rock.


Miranda Hardy said...

CP's are so very important when writing. I am thankful for mine as well.

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Hi J.L., thanks for commenting. I felt like my Cp's were the unsung heroes of my writing. They are absolutely priceless.

Marianne Arkins said...

Editing and polishing is WAY harder than writing the first draft. You can do it :-D

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Thanks, Marianne. With a llittle guidance and your foot booting me in the rump, I'll get it done. :)