Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Moans

Monday, Monday....Can't trust that day...

Sorry. I had the itunes on full and was singing. The post title jogged the memory. You probably don't remember me. Well, maybe you do. I haven't stopped by the blog as of late, but we're all super busy.

Let me give you a hint or two. I was the girl in school who knew every scrap of seemingly worthless trivia on music. You know, the Beatles' original drummer was Pete Best and things like that. I was, how shall I say this...mousy in school. I liked to hide in my over sized flannel shirts. You probably ran me over in the hallway without realizing it. Would you believe, I was voted most likely to be present in a class I wasn't even in? (It's true.)

Can't quite place me? It's okay. Lots of people *think* they know me, but they have no real idea. I tend to fly under the radar.

My name is Macy Shibley. Check the book in your hand. Might be one of mine. Yup. If you're into stories that are a bit hotter than the average romance, you probably have one of mine. It's good. They seem to sell well. Plus, I love writing. I can hide in my characters and forget the past...

Speaking of the past...I'm a proud graduate of the Class of '97. Go WereTiger pride! Okay, that sounded a little...flat. Well, next year is my fifteen year high school reunion. Let me tell you, I am NOT looking forward to it. Sure, I've got my BFF Kealie to go with me (no relation to Megan and Kealie...not much anyway...might be a hillbilly cousin or two in there, but we won't speak of that), but there's this guy....Tanner. (Fanning self) He was the bane of my existence in high school. Not because he picked at me. Not at all. No, he was the one guy I asked out. You see, I wasn't the queen of self-confidence I am now (Kealie, stop laughing). It took all the nerve I had to ask him out. Well, he turned me front of the football team. *sigh* Took almost five years to live that down. I always think, what if he'd said yes? What if we'd gone on a date? Who would we be today? Crazy.

So I'm scared to run into him. Sure, I look different from high school. Who doesn't? But it still scares me that he'll project the old Macy onto who I've become. Or worse yet, what if he knows who I am and has followed my career? When I tell people I write erotic, they think all sorts of blue things about me.

Oy...Anyway, I'm looking over the prelim registration for the reunion. The school district is planning on demolishing the building, so the reunion committee wants things in order so they can the be the last event held there. Sheesh.

Enough of my chattering. I shouldn't worry about what hasn't happened or what might have been.

BUT do read a spicy, red-hot book. Reading erotica counts as burning calories.

Oh, and a message from Wendi:

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