Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Flirts

I'm sitting here jamming to old Billy Joel tunes and working on revisions/edits/WIP's... Yeah, I'm a busy girl. Megan came over for a while to work on her WIP. I looked it over and I think once she gets this particular pivotal scene done, she'll be pretty good to go. Me? Not so much. I chattered with C for a while, too. She teased me about having one too many irons in the fire and setting the bar a bit high. Duh. I don't know what to do with myself if the bar isn't way over my head and more or less out of reach. Story of my life.

In the planning stages:
Rhett's part of You'll Think of Me. He's still in the rough stages. I mean, I know what he wants to do, but I want to put him in a situation he thinks he can't handle. I mentioned something to him about twins. He was receptive...I don't think he has any idea *how* I want him to end up with said twins. Hee hee.

In the works:
Still chugging away on the NASCAR story. I have the lawyerly parts done and right. The rest needs to come into focus.

In revision:
I have two here. I sent What Might Have Been to the CP, got it back and have one scene to finish. I *think* I have a handle on it, but as I know all too well, my having a handle on things isn't always what I think it is.
Also, I'm working hard on the resub. I spoke about that one yesterday, so not much to report as of right now. But hey, I feel a lot better about it than I did on Wednesday. Will it be the fresh, original, creative thing my editor expects? I have no freaking idea...and I'm scared it won't live up to standards.

In edits:
I should be getting the first round edits on Careless Whisper. I always get the feeling of dread knowing the edits are coming. Why? Cuz...I do. I dunno.

Releasing Monday:
Tangled Up releases from Total-E-Bound. Grab your copy!

Back to the grindstone, plus the song changed. Yes, I'm listening to a-ha and I like it.


Miranda Hardy said...

You have so much going on.

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

I have a brain that never shuts down. Dh swears I talk in my sleep to my characters. he's probably right.
Thanks for stopping by!