Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Moans

Just a moment while I flip on a light. The gentle glow of the computer screen just isn't enough for me to see what I need to type and since I'm better at spying than typing anyway.

Ok, I'm back. So I'm sure you're wondering who Wendi let loose on her blog. Drum roll please! I'm Storm Richardson, nice to make your acquaintance. I'm posting this now because I am a vampire.

Shocked? Well, so is Stevie, but I'm gently convincing her its not a bad thing. I could look at her all night, feel her soft skin against mine, smell the sweet rose of her... Oh, but you want more about me...ahem.

What do you want to know? I like rock and roll music... the darker the better. (You saw that coming, didn't you? Meh.) I prefer to work by moonlight rather than lamplight. I've had at least five jobs in my deadtime. What? I've boxed, worked on a train--loading and unloading, and private investigating, among others.

At one time, I was a Puritan and lived through the Salem Witch Trials. I sleep nude and prefer to be cuddled up to someone warm--Stevie.

Want to know more about me? Well, I guess you have to read my story My Immortal. Since I'm the immortal, it looks like you have to figure out who I belong to. But I tell you, in my 340 years, no regrets.

Ah, but it's also almost 4. I need to pull the curtains and settle in for the day.

Good day. See you in the night time.

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