Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Flirts!

I have to start today with a *squee!* I got my release date for You'll Think of Me. Mark your calendar for November 22, 2010. Those of you who helped me work like a dawg on that story know Cade is one of the characters closest to my heart. Bringing him to life on the written page was hard and emotional, but I'm glad I did. I only hope readers see him as I did--a brave, wounded hero in need of his special girl.

Also, I worked again like a dawg to get my edits in for My Immortal. Yuppers, the edits are in and with the editor, so we'll see how many things I missed. Storm is my favorite vamp so far, and yes, I've written some others.

Where am I with the other stories? Spinning my wheels. Yup. I should have them farther along than I do, but gee.... Life gets in the way.

So a bit more promo and then I'm off.

Sunday marks the first day of the 3rd Anniversary of Long and Short of It Romance Reviews. Those of you who know me know they are near and dear to me. And hey, if you play the scavenger hunt, you could win a NOOK! Heck yeah, a nook is a great gizmo to have. I love my ereader. And did I mention, I'm one of the participants? Awww, you guessed it, Bethany... (and if you can name the movie that line comes --adapted a bit--from...)


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