Friday, July 16, 2010

Flirty Friday

Today's the day of the week where I decided to share a little of the in-progress stuff I have going on.

I turned in the submission for Arran's story, Tanged Up. This (I think), is the final story in the group. I could be convinced to do one more, but it all depends on response. If I'm asked to write a story for one of the secondary characters, I'll give her her story.

So what's on the horizon?

In My Immortal, my PI has a sister who is screaming for her own story. It just so happens that she decided to finally TELL me her story. When I get five minutes to sit down and write it, I think it'll be a good story.

Do you remember my story You'll Think of Me? It's one of my Air Force stories. It was picked up by Total-E-Bound and should come out this November. There is a wise-cracking secondary character named Rhett. I've had plenty of people ask me for his story because they loved him and wanted to know what he's up to. Well, fear not. Rhett is as talkative as Gypsy, but he's not quite so joyous right now about how things are playing out. I think he'll be happy in the long run, but he can't have everything he wants--right now.

I am going back to my farmer and getting him in shape. Funny how every time I think he's ready to go to a publisher, it's not quite right. It will be. (I hope.)

And one of these moments I am going to get back to my reunion story. Tanner and Macy really want me to give them their say. Ah, but that means bugging the CP, too. :)

I also have an idea for a menage story for this spring. Music and threesomes. We'll see. I can't tell you everything.

So there's the flirts. You know things are in the works and coming together.

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Debbie Alferio said...

Nice to see I'm not the only one thinking along these lines! I keep getting requests to write a separate story about Kayla or Alexander--for some reason, those two hold a lot of appeal to my readers. I think you might be on to something. It would probably be fun to let readers know more about those who play a part in making our leading men and ladies who they are. Wishing you all the best--sounds like you'll be busy!