Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Moans

Wendi stepped out of the office for a few hours today and asked one of the boys to write a post for Monday Moans. She said we needed to introduce ourselves, let the readers know who we are, why we're moan-worthy...and to have fun with it. I'm all about having fun. So I chose to go first. Oh, and I exerted my overt dominant tendencies and locked Logan in the closet. For some stranger reason he thought he needed the limelight. And he wonders why I don't carry movies at my store...

Oh, but you're here to meet me. Blushing. I occasionally get ahead of myself.

Who am I? Well, glad you asked. My name is Savion Welles and I am a proud owner of The Feathered Edge Bookseller. Yes, I sell books all day and love the scent of a brand new paperback.

Want to know more?

Good, I'm in a chatty mood. A gentleman doesn't share his age, but I will tell you I am happily involved with the bartender-slash-pizzeria owner of my dreams, Arran Mayes. Oh, and we just got a pair of cats. I tend to let my emotions rule my actions, even though I know it'll get me into trouble. It's a gift.

Now about that bookstore...why a bookstore? Besides having an affection for the scent of ink and paper (sounds a bit kinky, doesn't it?), I love the written word. There is something beautiful aboout being able to describe the exact moment a kiss happens, to feel the texture of his lips, to hear the rumble of his strained voice, and scent of desire in the air. Sigh.

I need to hunt down Arran.

But before I go... where can you find me? You need to read Learning How to Bend and Must Be Doing Something Right. You'll find me eventually.

Enjoy your day and make sure you read a book (in addition to this post).


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