Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What the? Wednesday

So, to continue my little jaunt into a bit of a theme, today and most other Wednesdays, are going to be What the? Wednesdays. Why?

Sometimes you just need to vent. Get that one particular thing off your chest. Or in my case, try not to soapbox. I promise not to get preachy (if at all possible) and to keep away from super hot-button issues.

Topic of today?

That one thing that really drives you bonkers about a book. We all have those little thigns that drive us nuts. It can be a fabulous book, moving along fine, and the WHAM! Something comes out of left field.

I'm talking about the vampire whose sense of smell is fine until the one moment he NEEDS to be able to scent his mate. Or when an author cross pollinates species, ie a vampire who tracks like a wolf. I have no issue with making a hybrid, but SAY SO. If I have to middle through the book to figure out what the heck the hero IS, then I'm more likely to walk away from the book dissatisfied.

Another thing that drives me up the wall would be a pov switch mid sentence. Now, you have to rememeber, when I started writing, I didn't know pov switches were bad. I thought it was kinda cool to know what both sides were thinking at all times. And silly me, I could keep them straight. Why? Cuz I wrote it. I knew what would happen next. But I happened to be reading this book that started out well. I was pulled in by the blurb and couldn't wait to get going. Not even a 1/4 of the way in and the pov switches began. In this case, it was really hard to figure out WHO was feeling turned on and who was having second thoughts. I finished the book, but will think twice before snapping up one by this author.

What are your issues? You know, the ones that make you pause in a book and go "What the?" I'd love to hear them.


Debbie Alferio said...

I have to agree with the POV thing, Wendi. I don't have issues with different POV's in books--in fact, I do it in my own writing. However, mid-sentence doesn't cut it. Let's try to at least finish a scene first, huh? Making the transition a smooth one helps keep the reader from going, "Who said/did that?" As far as the vampire/shapeshifter issues, I've never really been into all that very much, so I can't give an opinion there. I will say that what bothers me when I'm reading a book is when the author uses huge, elaborate words in the narrative. I can understand writing intelligently and on the age level of the intended audience, but for God's sake, let's not make me have to pull out a dictionary every other sentence! I also dislike spicy romance novels that have no plotline except for the characters lusting after each other and jumping into bed every other scene. I don't mind the sex being in there as long as the author has an actual story to follow along with it. The more realistic, the better for me. I get into a story more when the characters are people I can relate to on a personal level and are definitely not perfect by any means. Great post, Wendi--keep up the good work!

Clare Revell said...

POV changes. I was reading one and I wss in someones head, then without warning it switches and suddenly I'm getting stabbed and dying and next sentence I'm in someone elses head. Three heads in three sentecnes. yuk

meant to ask, how do you get your book trailers to show on your blog. I can't work out how to put mine in the side panals.

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Sometimes spicy novels, especially if they are erotica or romantica, then part of the plot is to get them to have sex because there might be a reason that one or the other isn't capable.

Then again, there are some books that are just...ick.

Yeah, those POV issues drive me bonkers. At least I'm not alone.