Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank You, Thursdays

This week I wanted to give a shout out to a writer who gave me an extra nudge when I was a tad lost and not sure how to get my buns in gear with my writing career.

Back about five years ago, I had these three manuscripts I thought were boff-o. Yeah, really great. There was one or two issues. One: I had sent them out to publishers and gee... no takers. Wonder why? Cuz they weren't polished enough. Duh. Two: I wasn't sure who to send them to. For some ridiculous reason, I thought I should go right to the top and send to Harlequin because if they saw I was plucky, they'd give me a shot. No.

I didn't lose faith, but I did gain some sense.

I joined some romance groups on yahoo... Read voraciously (I had since I learned to read, but I upped the ante) and made contacts. God bless the day I made contacts.

Who? The person I wanted to thank. Lori Foster.

Now don't think that I expected something from her, or pestered her into helping me. Nope. She's just a genuinely nice person. I posted a question asking for a bit of direction and she said, come to Cincy and meet editors. They might not take anything you've written, but in-person meetings are invaluable.

And wonder of wonders, she was spot on. Yup. I went to Cincy, met editors, got turned down yet again, but I made connections. They put a face to a name and saw my drive. Apparently it worked.

But I have to thank Lori for not only writing awesome stories that I read to improve my craft, but also for being approachable so I could actually learn something.

So thank you Lori Foster. You're one of my role models and friend.

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