Thursday, August 30, 2012

Travel Thursdays...I went on Vacation

I went to Bristol. Yep. You all know my love of racing and my love of trucks. I got to put the both together.

The photos are of the track and it's small, but it's fun to watch the cars/trucks/modifieds beat and bang on the racing surface. I have to say I got some great ideas while I was there. I did a bunch of research and saw some good racing.

Saw some crappy racing, too. Wrecks are fun, but when they are in a long line, many in a row, then it's not so fun. Tony Stewart tossed a helment after he did a synchronized spin with Matt Kenseth. Danica Patrick hit the wall head on. Ty Dillon ran out of gas and Austin Dillon punted more than a couple of cars to take fourth place.

I want to go again. It's exciting to see the cars and trucks glitter under the lights. It was a blast. But now it's back to writing. Seven days in a RV aren't terrible, but they aren't my idea of a blast. I like my house. But I'm home and writing and spinning yarns for my readers. I hope you enjoy them. :-) Back to the bat cave. Enjoy the pictures.

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makenwords said...

WE need to go to a race together. Watched Bristol on TV - and I could spend months in the RV! LOL Hugs.