Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday ~ Switch

Thought I'd share a bit from my upcoming short from the Switch Anthology coming from Total-E-Bound. Here's ten lines!

“You’re doing well.” She wiggled the panties to the ground, then stepped out of them. “Now for your reward.” With her ass in the air, Janine straddled his thigh and rubbed her nose along the thick vein of his cock. “I wore these heels just for you. Do you like?”

He groaned and arched his hips. “Love them, babe.”

“Good. Are you worried we’ll get caught?” she murmured. “That’s the fun. Will we?” She kissed the base of his prick. “Or won’t we?” To punctuate her last statement, she took him deep into her mouth. She used gentle suction as she withdrew and suckled on him again. Salty semen spilt onto her tongue. “You’re on a hair trigger.”

He clenched his fists tightly until his knuckles whitened. “Been a while.”

Janine pulled back, leaving his cock slick with spit. “Hush.” She swatted his hip. “No talking or coming until I tell you.”

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