Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wednesday Flicks ~ The Goodbye Girl

When I'm feeling cruddy, I love to watch this movie. It's older than I am, but really, who cares? Richard Dreyfuss is hilarious. Plus they have some of the best quotes in this movie:

Paula McFadden: I thought you said you were decent.
Elliot Garfield: I am decent. I also happen to be naked.


Elliot Garfield: Out of where? Out of my rented apartment that you are staying in out of the goodness of my heart? I will bring home anyone or anthing that I choose, including a one-eyed Episcopalian kangaroo if that happens to be my kinky inclination. As for what is going on in there we're rehearsing Act 1, Scene 4 from Richard the Third. I happen to have a cretin from Mars directing this play and I need all the help I can get. However, if I choose to attempt to have carnal knowledge of that gorgeous bod that'll be her option, my problem and none of your business! And just for the record what do you think little Lucy's impression of what was going on in Mama's bedroom with Tony "Love 'em & leave 'em" DeForrest, huh? Hey Mac! Why don't you turn out some of these lights? We're running up a heck of a bill.


Lucy McFadden: Congratulations
Elliot Garfield: For What?
Lucy McFadden: I didn't know what else to say.


Paula McFadden: Be tactful.
Lucy McFadden: What's that?
Paula McFadden: Lie!



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nancy said...

One of my all time favorites, thanks for reminding me. I saw this in the theater and had a beta copy of it which has long since worn out. Of course even if it still worked I no longer have a betamax. Age is a cruel thing both for electronics and humans.