Monday, December 26, 2011

Things Kids Say...

I got the idea for this post from a friend, Thanks Virgina, and well, after yesterday it was rather appropriate.

My small person was visited by the Jolly old Elf and treated well. The thing the tot wanted the most was an Optimus Prime Transformer that's blippen' huge. That was the big thing totlet got. Okay, fine. Totlet opened that first. Totlet was thrilled.

Fast forward oh, about three gifts. I don't remember what all was opened, but I recall a kick ball being one of them. The next gift was a copy of Dogzilla. Now if you have small people, particularly boys who enjoy Captain Underpants, you are familiar with Dav Pilkey. If not, thank your lucky stars. I have nothing against Mr. Pilkey. In fact, I rather appreciate him writing the books that get my totlet to read. Thank you very much. But the plethora of fart and toilet jokes gets old. (and I enjoy a good fart joke). Anyway, the art/work of Dav Pilkey is part of the totlet's life.

So totlet opens Dogzilla the book Kat Kong. Totlet says, "Now I finally get what I want."

Part of me wanted to scalp totlet. Now you finally get what you want? But part of me also knew that totlet really wanted both books and has been drooling over them when visiting the Dav Pilkey site. Still, Now you finally get what you wanted...

The things kids say...

I hope your Christmas was filled with food, fun, and fellowship. Mine was. Happy Holidays!

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