Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Review for Please Remember Me!

Rose from Talking Two Lips had this to say:
"The scenes between Jaden and Marlon are highly enjoyable; they have great verbal and physical chemistry. Jaden really wants to start over and she’s determined to make it on her own but at the same time she does want Marlon in her life. Marlon can’t seem to decide how he wants to be involved, which creates additional tension and angst in their relationship. Ms. Zwaduk really does a good job of developing their relationship; it takes time to build trust and these two go back and forth a lot as they get to know each other both emotionally and physically.

The secondary characters in this story are well developed and very important to the plot. I especially liked Judi, an older woman in town who hires Jaden to work with her dog and gives her a place to live. She was just the kind of person Jaden needed in her life to help her start over. We also get to meet Jaden’s dad, Rex Weir (Rex Haydenweir), who really was a piece of work but eventually comes around and recognizes the damage he’s done in his daughter’s life. There are several antagonists in the story who make things very difficult for Jaden and Marlon, and they provide additional angst and action in the story."

I'm stoked. 4 kisses isn't bad either!

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