Friday, October 29, 2010

Visiting at Victoria Blisse's Blog!

I'm doing so much and promoting so much today!

First: I'm over at Victoria Blisse's blog as her Friday Friend! Come check out the post. You'll be glad you did.

Second: Want to see come cool costumes, sexy pics, and a great little story? Head over to Megan's blog and Kealie's Tumblr blog.

Third: Still not enough excitement for you? Well, keep reading. All weekend I'm participating in the Blog-a-Thon with the Paranormal Romantics! You could win a Nook!

Fourth: Ya know you're not done yet! Want to win even MORE prizes? Then join The Long and Short of It's Halloween Scavenger Hunt! Lots of cool things up for grabs. Ebooks, t-shirts, print need to check it out.

Fifth: And since that isn't all (sound like a late-night informercial, don't I?)There's gonna be a shindig over at the Menagerie. My dear pals Megan and Kealie are also doing a story (along with Mysti and Jenny Kat) and posting some nummy pics. You need to go over there.

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