Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank You Thursdays

I'm thankful for chocolate. Sad? Funny? Little of both? Probably. You see, I'll forgo other food if there's chocolate. But it can't be just any old chocolate.

It's gotta be real good milk chocolate.

Sorry, not into the dark chocolate healthy stuff. Sheesh. Gramma always said, a moment on the lips means a lifetime on the hips. Fine. Then if it's sticking around, it had better have been something I *really* liked.

When I get stressed or hungry or just want chocolate, well, you know what I'm prolly doing. And since I've been stressed lately, I've indulged.(And yes, I've used moderation...)

Not me, but it sure could've been.

***Oh, and did you want to know what the label on the chocolate said? This:
For the Immediate Relief of: Chocolate Cravings, Lovesickness, Exam Pressure, Mild Anxiety and Extreme Pressure.
Directions for Use: Tear open wrapper, break off desired dosage and consume. Alternatively massage into the affected area. Repeat dosage as required until finished. If symptoms persist, consult your local confectionist.

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