Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Moans

Seems like a long time since I've been able to do this. I'm not complaining. Heck no. I love hosting blog tours. It's a blast to read the new to me authors. But I have a couple of characters dying (no pun intended) to come out and play. Why not? So take it away, girls.

About time. Yanno, Wendi can talk your ear off (but this is a blog, so would it be, blind your eyes off? I'm not sure. Oh well. ) Hi, I'm Clover and I'm not in a band. Sounds goofy, eh? It is. I love to sing. Love it. But, I'm not real keen on being on stage. I guess if I could be there with others, I'd be okay. Well, not okay, because I have this strange feeling that if I *did* get on stage, the one person I'm scared to death to sing with would show up and cling like plastic wrap. He's the lead singer for Outlaw. Heck, I think he *is* Outlaw, but that's not important. Torin is the one person I try to avoid. You might want to know why. Simple, he's charismatic, hot as hell, has a voice that could melt butter, and (I'm being blunt) he's a serial commitment-phobe. Would I lie? Sure, if you've seen him on stage, its *very* hard to look away. But peel back the layer of fame, and I'm not so sure he's still appealing. (Okay, he probably is, but I'm determined not to fall for him. I'm not. I know you don't believe me.) But I've talked enough about myself. Marley?

Thanks, Clover. You make it sound so hard to love a man on stage. Who am I kidding? It is. My name is Marley and there is a certain man whose held my heart for a long time. Sully Tanner. Its hard to talk about him because I don't see him much. He's off in NYC and doesn't come home much. Not that I really want him to come home. It's easier when he's not around. Then I don't realize I miss him as much as I shouldn't. I didn't want to fall for him, but it's really hard when the man has lived next door as long as you remember, and then after one night of...well...I won't go there, but after one night I'll never forget, he just left to find his fame and rock-n-roll fortune in New York. I could've followed him, I suppose. But that's not me. What do I do right now? I'm a proud Ohio farm girl. The smell of cow poo doesn't bother me and I've been known to work my fair share of hay wagons during the summer. But as I've come to bluntly learn, ragtag, working girl doesn't mix with the glamorous life of a rock-n-roller.Now that I've made myself a bit maudlin, I'll go. Clover and I have some stores to hit and stores to star in.

Bye, girls. I'll get to you soon enough. Thanks for reading.

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