Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What the? Wednesday

This made me look twice. I happened to be in the middle of Walmart (What can I say, they have the groceries to feed my family at a decent price... we all gotta cut costs somewhere) and these two women were chatting happily. This wouldn't normally bother me, but they were chattering in line to check out.

Here's where it turned into the bizarre.

A woman who was in another line stepped over to the line I happened to be in (the chatting women were in front of me), and began berating them. I was flabbergasted. I have no idea if she knew them, but because they spoke about a hot-button topic to the woman, she had to butt in and give her 25 cents. (I'd have said two cents, but she spoke for at least 5 minutes non-stop.)

Now I know people are very passionate when it comes to politics, which is why I'm not talking politics. Unfortunately, those women were. Whatever it was that aggravated the nosy woman, she had to talk. I applaud her for having an opinion. We all need opinions. What I was embarrassed by, was her lack of conscience. If she wanted to CONVERSE with the women, she had a funny way of showing it. Each time they said something, SHE SPOKE LOUDER.

The poor cashier looked like she wanted to melt in the floor.

So my point to my rant? Simple. Have an opinion. The free exchange of ideas is a fantastic concept. But keep in mind, it's an exchange. Not a shouting match where whoever shouts loudest is right. I once heard someone say, the one who shouts louder is generally the one who is in the wrong. I don't know if it's true. I'd say the one who screams loudest generally packs a lot of passion. But loud doesn't automatically make you right.

Oh well. I'll shut up now.


Helen Hardt said...

Wendi, I so agree! And this is also why I don't talk politics, lol. I'm tired of people shouting at me and resorting to personal attacks. You're right -- an exchange of ideas is a good thing. Having to defend yourself in the grocery line to a hothead is not.

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Sad thing is that story is completely true. And in this time of lots of politcal strife, the last thing I want is to be standing in line, not wanting everyone to see I have to buy Always, this week as well as a ton of chocolate, do I want to hear a diatribe about who I should vote for. A very wise friend of mine said, "Why can't we all write 'none of the above' and clear the slate so we can start all over again?"
I agree with her and you, Helen. :)