Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Moans

Yeah, yeah, I'm late. It happens. It's a good thing tho. I wanted to let my characters come out to small detail. I am up to my eyeballs in edits. You won't hear me complain. Nope. I like edits. Why? Cuz I know that I'm that much closer to having the book released. I can look back on what I edited/changed/fixed and know it's a job well done.

I'll post a hottie tomorrow and let the characters play on Wednesday or Thursday and on Friday, I'll be visiting with my dear friend Victoria Blisse on her blog. Come check it out!

And for this weekend, I have a special treat. Not only am I participating in a the Blog-a-Thon with the Pararomantics Blog, where you can win a Nook, but I'm also taking part in the Long and Short of It's Halloween Hunt. You can win great prize packs including my novel My Immortal. Check it out. And if that's not enough fat free fun on Halloween, I'll have each hour on the hour posts on my blog. Might even throw in special short story... But I guarantee the pics will be worth it. :D

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