Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kreativ Blog Award

I am so behind on this, but I was nominated for the Kreativ Blog award by Jaime and Kaily Hart, so here goes:

Seven things about me:

1. What do I dislike? Commercials on television. Yup, I'd rather start a show halway through if I can watch it on the DVR and FF through the blasted commercials. I hate losing the storyline just so someone can try to convince me to eat pizza.

2. Favorite things? Law and Order, CSI (miami or ny), writing, and drawing. I'd rather cozy up with a good book or my ereader, or dive into a box of messy charcoals thn talk to people some days.

3. Cat, Dog, or Bird person? Cats. Sorry, I have two dogs and love them dearly, but I am a cat person. Why do you think I go through the hassle to make my sick cat's food, if I wasn't a cat person? I like an animal who will sit in my lap and purr (oh, that sounds gross), you know what I mean. Unfortunately, both my cats are snobs, so i'm still looking.

4. Give me Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea or give me death--well not really death, but it's my favorite scent.

5. My first Lora Leigh book was purchased at Walmart and sat on the bookshelf at home for a month. The next Lora Leigh book I got from the library. Um, I thought it was a bit hot for the library, but trust me, I went out and checked out her backlist within an hour of finishing Wicked Pleasure. I've been hooked ever since.

6. I have my belly button pierced and my ears pierced 5 on one side, three on the other.

7. I named my pets after NASCAR terms. Yup, Darlington Raceway, Rusty Wallace, and Kenny Wallace. Call me strange--I don't care.

Who to send to?

Ashley Ladd - cause she's a great friend
Marianne Arkins - cause she rocks
Cate Masters - cause she inspired me to be a better writer
Kelly Moran - cause she has always been a supporter
Kiss Carson - cause she's a great CP and always fun
The Menagerie - cause their Saturday hotties are the best
Linda McMaken - cause the Lori Foster event wouldnt' be the same without you!

Thanks Kaily and Jaime! You gals both rock and I love ya!


J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

I used to be a cat person, until we learned our daughter is allergic. ;(

I'm the opposite with commercials. I kind of like them, especially when you get one that's -- especially those (admittedly stupid) Too Light, Too Heavy ones.

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Okay, I ammend the commercial one... because...that one for Walmart at Christmas that was the little kids running down the stairs for Christmas morning and the one little boy falls down just as the drum booms and cymbals crash. Hysterical. Yes, I'm a physical comedy kinda gal.

makenwords said...

Cats? Hmmm, dogs are better! LOL I really can't say that, I think I like all the furry little creatures. Love CSI - yummy Gary Senese!