Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KM Daughters - A Pair of Authors You Should Know!

Introducing the writing team, KM Daughters. These wonderful ladies are the co-authors of Capturing Karma. Want to know more? Well read on!
If you want to follow their blog tour, here's the link:

KM Daughters' will be giving away an autographed copy of Against Doctor's Orders, the first book in the award-winning Sullivan Boys Series to one randomly drawn commentor and the blog host with the most comments, excluding duplicates or KM's responses.

Welcome ladies! So, a few questions, and no squirming. : )

What t-shirt saying best describes you and why?

We ADORE Readers

We all have those embarrassing moments that we want to forget, but which one is really funny is retrospect?

Attending a Romance Writers of America national conference, we exchanged emails with an Editor who expressed interest in our first mildly spicy contemporary manuscript IF we were willing to revise the story – a landmark event since this was the first time we submitted to a publisher. Short on specifics and heady on “we’re all that…” excitement we attended a large book signing and related this particular publisher’s interest in our ms to our author “heroes” as we sought their autographs. We didn’t pick up on their terse but polite reactions to our “big news”. Later we attended a spotlight for this publisher and were surprised at their focus on three-ways and lack of bestiality taboos. Oh my. The term, revision, took on a new meaning. We slipped out the door and laughed so hard we almost… well, we needed to use the rest room. Chattering to each other we pushed through the bathroom door where we were confronted by a row of urinals. Uh. Fortunately, no gentlemen were present.

What's the grossest thing you ever ate and liked?

Peanut butter and raisins sandwiches.

Cat, dog, or bird person and why?

A dog person – who could resist such blatant adoration at EVERY homecoming? A pillow embroidered with the following sentiment says it all: “Lord make me the person my dog thinks I am.”

What's the wackiest place you ever got an idea for a story from?

More unusual than wacky – a mountaintop in Bosnia Herzegovina.

If you could switch lives with anyone for the day, who would it be and why?

Nora Roberts. Not solely because she’s wildly successful in our dream career. She’s an amazing, cool lady.

Other than your own books, which genre do you read the most and why?

Romantic suspense wins in the have the cake and eat it, too category. By definition the pacing keeps the pages flying with suspense’s edge of your seat elements. And as always the ending always bestows that, “Ahhhh,” that we crave.

To HEA or not? Which do you prefer and why?

Always, always HEA. We wouldn’t write anything other than happy endings. It’s a pleasure to write, dream and embrace love and hope. Our motto is Love Heals. It’s our ultimate truth as women, daughters, wives and mothers.

Are you a snuggle by the fire and watch the snow or lounge on the beach type of person? Why?

How do we choose? I think we’d say snuggling by the fire and our dear husbands would choose the beach. Sometimes marriage involves happy compromises.

How'd you get into writing and which nugget of wisdom do you wish ALL writers knew?

Aren’t all writers voracious readers? We certainly were/are… Our love of reading led irrevocably to the desire to, “do that, too.” And we love to tell stories, weave anecdotes, observe people and wonder what their stories involve. We have a tendency to explain real life human behavior via our own fiction. “Maybe he or she is surly because… I’ll bet she’s smiling because…”, etc.

We’re pretty short on “nuggets of wisdom” because no two writers are alike – including us. But if pressed, the wisest nugget we can offer is: The Reader should be at the heart of any writer’s ideal quest. Touch, delight, captivate, embrace, intrigue, soothe, sadden, console, titillate, entertain – above all – as our tee shirt proclaims, adore your Readers.

Thanks ladies! Great interview.

Want to know more about Capturing Karma? Well, here's the blurb and an excerpt:

Capturing Karma
Veterinarian Matty Connors’ visions lead her to homicide detective Brian Sullivan once again despite her resolve to remain anonymous the past four years. Her official work with the police in California resulted in the brutal murder of her fiancĂ©, and since, a recurrent nightmare she barely survives. Brian, the reputed ladies man of the Sullivan family, has yet to give his heart to a woman until Matty lays claim to it. His black-and-white approach to solving crimes doesn’t jibe with Matty’s spooky pronouncements or her reputation for alleged infallibility. A wild goose chase searching for a murder weapon casts doubt on Matty’s “truths” and threatens their smoldering romance. Is Brian her nightmare slayer and ultimate truth? When the puzzle pieces fall in place for Brian, will it be too late to save Matty?

And and excerpt:
“Hi, Brian,” she responded, tamping down the temptation to hug him hello. “How’s the new baby doing?”

“Great, thanks. How’s that bump on your head?”

Matilda touched an edge of one of the butterfly strips over her eyebrow. “Turning every color of the rainbow, but it’s fine.”

He swiveled his head toward the throaty bark of the wolfhound in the corner of the room, then scanned the other occupants in the lounge: primate, feline, porcine, wolfish and human. “Steve told me you’re a great vet. Looks like you’re pretty swamped here.”

“Shamus and I split the patient load,” she said.

“And Shamus is?”

“My brother. He came for me at the hospital yesterday?”

Brian’s eyes bored into her, a sexy smile twitched the corner of his lips. “Good.”

“And ‘good’ means?”

“The big guy isn’t competition. That’s good.”

“Ah. So we’re clear. What competition would that be?”

The sexy smile twitched again. “For but a smile from sweet Matty,” he lilted in an Irish brogue.

Squelching an impulse to grin, she molded her face serious and parroted a brogue, “Ah but woe to the knave who plies smiles with an untrue heart.”

She grinned now. “What can I do for you, Brian? Did you get an estimate to repair your car?”

“It’s about that letter you brought me. It’s related to a case. We need your help.”

Of course. “I gave you the letter. You know as much as I do.” Her heart hammered, nothing to do with the pulse acceleration from earlier flirtation. I can’t go further with this case. No matter what, I have to stay anonymous.


Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Welcome ladies! Love the excerpt and can't wait for the next book.


J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

The story sound great! All my best for sales and mucho success to both of you!


Kaye Manro said...

Great sounding story! Good luck both of you.

K.M. Daughters said...

Good morning Wendi, Jaime and Kaye. So nice to see you. Wendi, the interview was (squirm) such fun. We are thrilled that Capturing Karma releases, technically, tomorrow! We loved writing it, and hope you love reading it. Have a wonderful day! And Wendi, thank you so much for hosting us!

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Made you squirm? Well sometimes it fun to squirm! : )

You're welcome to come back any time. I love having you.