Friday, January 15, 2010

What A Conversation!

Since Rusty went to the big litter box in the sky, to cope with it, DH and I had a conversation about what he might be doing up there. Now we had a cat before Rusty, named Messiah. He had bad kidneys and died a week before we got Rusty. Anyway, we figure Rusty and Messiah are in heaven trading stories about us over a bag of kitty
nip. It goes something like this:

Messiah: "Horny toads weren't they?"
Rusty: "Damn near knocked me off the bed. Thought they'd get rid of me with their interpretation of an earthquake. I showed them. I stayed put."
M: "Good for you. I thought the dog cured them of that. I guess not."
R: "Ever get really angry with one of them?"
M: "Yeah, Mom got snippy so i cuffed her eye. It bled so bad, but she got over it and still loves me."
R: "Dog got snippy with me so I cuffed her eye. Don't know why they got that overstuffed wiener on legs, but they did."
M: "I see they don't live near them pit bulls. Coco and Sugar... they were so crazy. And they never realized we had the screen in the way."
R: "I never saw them. Nah, we played with the coyotes and the big dog got sprayed by a fox... moron. If she'd used her brain, she'd know that you never chase something that will make you stink."
M: "That little screaming thing got big. When they brought him home, I thought, gee whiz there goes the neighborhood."
R: "Yup, now he's a big screaming thing. But he leaves Legos and crumbs on the floor, so it's all good. Once in a while he leaves ice cream out in his bowl."
M: "Gotta love that ice cream."

But you must realize, I have no idea what they are really saying, but whatever it is, I hope it made you laugh as much as it did me.


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