Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thank a Librarian

If you haven't guessed by now, I love books. Did it show? I hope so. But I also love my libraries. Yep, I'm lucky to have 4 within a 30 mile radius. There's just something about going into a building and being surrounded by all those stories and the knowledge.

Plus, I think it's essential to get to know your librarians. Yep, get to know them because if you need help or happen to publish that book, they are the ones who can help get your book onto the shelves. They are also the ones who can help you with a bit of free promo too.

I went on Saturday, and there was one counter attendant and a line of 20 people, but she never lost her smile. There's a lady who my DS adores and he begs to go when she's there so he can say hi. You gotta give props to a person who can smile when it seems like the world is crushing down on them.

But then I have many librarian friends and one close pal who has a FAB romance presentation each February -- Love and Chocolates [that's you L : )]. Heck, I wrote a character that is a Romance Coordinator for her local library. (You can read about Abby in my upcoming release Learning How to Bend from Total-E-Bound in April.)

Before I got my first contract and was still an amateur writer, I strolled the aisles and dreamed MY BOOK would be among the many one day. Well, that dream will be true come June, but I still wander the library. You never know who's book you'll find AND what book that may not look interesting might be a favorite in the future.

I love to read the titles without looking at the covers (and yes, I'm a cover-holic. If he's buff and not hairy, then I'll read the back blurb, but if he's too hairy or she looks trashy, I will probably walk on by.). If you just go by the titles, you'll find some hilarious ones. And if you read the back without looking at the cover, you just might find that one you'll love (although there is NOTHING wrong with a great cover... just sayin').

So my long winded point is that you should thank those hard working folks down at the library. You'll be glad you did.

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