Friday, September 25, 2009

Cooperation - That's the Name of the Game

Okay, I wanted to have some great long post today telling of how I managed to get my MS done. Yeah, right. Didn't happen.

Why is it, when you want the characters to cooperate, that's when they decide to do the OPPOSITE? Why?

I want to just say it's because they are men and men don't cooperate when you want them to, but that's too easy. I could say it's because they are human and who cooperates 100% of the time? Sorry, not I. (Shocker to find that out, huh?).

Well, I'm not sure why and I'm giving up worrying about it for now. I had two wise people tell me not to force the story, to let it write itself... okay, okay... I'm doing that. Maybe I've been hitting it way too hard lately... maybe not hard enough... I don't know.

I'm going back to my bat cave to stew about next week's Law and Order and to try to write something...

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