Saturday, September 12, 2009

And So It Goes...

Just heard that song "And So It Goes" by Billy Joel. Yes, I like Billy Joel's music. "Summer, Highland Falls" is my favorite song. But listening to it made me think... time flies. When Storm Front came out, I was still in elementary school. Yup, I was. I'm watching a selection of Weezer videos... sheesh... they hit it big when I was in high school. Crazy.

So I spent a bit of time thinking about how fast time seems to pass. Seems like yesterday I was in high school trying to figure out how to fit in and what the heck I wanted to do with my life. Seems like a few hours ago when I was in college and trying to decide if I was old enough to get married and to teach other students. Oy! Seems like just a moment ago when I was pregnant and wondering how the heck I was ready to have a child when I felt like little more than a child myself.

No, I don't feel much older now, but I feel a bit wiser. I gave teaching a shot and found it wasn't for me. I'm a parent and maybe I'm not so bad at that as I figured. I still refuse to grow up and I don't confuse growing up with maturity. You can turn the volume button to the left and still rock out. There's nothing wrong with admitting you still like Hall & Oats when the rest of the world like Nirvana. Oh and about maturity, you can be mature without losing that childlike wonder and humor. (And yes, I'm still the one who laughs 'til I cry when I watch slapstick comedy. Falling down is hysterical... just sayin'.)

Tomorrow my friend Debbie Alferio will be here with an interview about her writing and her books. Check back for that.

Well, I'm still in the consideration pile (as far as I know) with the editors. No word from one, but word is I may find something out come Monday. I didn't publicise this before, but I do believe in coincidence and things happening for a reason. When I wrote Right, I took some inspiration from Gary Allan's songwriting. (Like you couldn't tell...) But I put my own spin on it. While waiting for the answer on the submission, I got to see Gary in concert. Cool. And then the word came that it was contracted. As for my two under consideration, one deals with the Air Force and the other with the Air National Guard. One story has a dragonfly in it. A keyring with a dragon recently came into my possession (spooky, huh?) and then last weekend I went to the Air Show. It's an air show, so yeah, the military planes were there, but still... the C5 and C130 were there. Coincidence? Probably... but I'm going with the divine sign theory.

If I'm wrong, I'll admit my folly. 'Til then, I'm riding on faith and hope (and crossed fingers).


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