Thursday, July 9, 2009

Do Writers Have Spare Time?

Do writers have spare time?

In a word: no. A couple of my writer friends tell me they eat sleep and breathe writing. If you aren't writing, then you aren't creating.

In another word: yes. Where care you get great ideas? Go to a movie, read someone else's book, paint a painting, stroll the zoo or museum, walk down a city block in a small town or a large city. Heck, you could get inspired by folding your laundry...

I know, that sounds goofy. You may ask: How can that be? Simple.

You make time for other things. I've found that yes, writing can take over your life. If you are lucky enough to have a housekeeper (I'm not) and a nanny (What's that?) then you probably can devote your life to writing. If you can do all that, then great, because I'm not knocking it or you. I wish I could spend my day doing nothing but writing.

Or you have a life in addition to the writing and work on the side. Neither way is right or wrong. It's a matter of what works for you.

In my real world, I have laundry, dishes to wash, tumble weeds of dog fur floating under my couch, the cats fighting with the dogs, and an active 6 year old who love dinos. Sometimes, I'm lucky to get an hour to look at m computer.

Am I complaining? Far from it. I like my life and I wouldn't trade it. Individuality is the spice of life. If we're all the same, then things would be boring.

So, back to my bat cave and maybe once I fold the two baskets of laundry and clean up the front room, I can work some more on You'll Think of Me.

Well, I hope so anyway.


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