Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ever considered becoming a reviewer?

Do you like to read romance?

Do you like to voice your opinions?

Do you want to learn about new authors and publishers?

Then become a reviewer for Long and Short of It Romance Reviews!

Here are the facts straight from the LASR homepage:

Are the reviewers paid?
Not in actual currency--all reviewers are strictly volunteers. BUT: you get to keep all the books you review--both eformat and print (some of which may be autographed). We also have an incentive program that includes gift certificates, free books from our library, free advertising and more.
What type of books does The Long and the Short of It review?
We review short stories and full length novels with strong romantic elements -- both erotic and non-erotic. We do plan on adding other genres in the future.
Do I have to review erotic romance? Can I only review erotic romance?
You're welcome to review whatever you like -- you're the one who chooses what you review! If you only enjoy sci-fi romance, that's what you may select. If you prefer inspirational, then you may review only inspirational. If you only like erotic romance... go for it! We never assign reviews.
What do you expect from your reviews?
Our reviews are positive (no snark allowed), honest (yes, you can mention things you didn't care for as long as the overall review is a good one), casual and conversational. It is also critical and informative. Don't just tell us you liked something, tell us why as specifically as possible.
We don't like to give away too much plot, but you can give a brief summary and then make your points about theme, character, style, etc. Your sample reviews should follow the length, style, tone of the site --- that's why the best thing to do before reviewing is to thoroughly read the reviews and features on our sites.
Our reviews usually run 250-500 words, but can be longer (preferably not too much shorter).
Do you require your reviewers to read a certain number of books per month?
We request you read/review a minimum of 2 books or short stories per month -- though we welcome it if you read more! You may review books from our requests database or books you've purchased or borrowed on your own.
Is there a turnaround time for a review to be written?
We prefer that all reviews are completed within 1 month of requesting the story/book. There are always exceptions, but that is our standard guideline.
Are the reviews edited?
All reviews go through a basic editing process. Our editors will change or correct any poor grammar, sentence structure, etc., while remaining true to the original review's content. If any more in-depth changes are needed, you'll be contacted by an editor requesting said changes.
Are International reviewers welcome?
Provided they are comfortable with writing in English, yes. Of course, only eBooks will be offered for them to review due to postage costs.
I'm sold! How do I apply?
If you are interested in reviewing for us, please send us an email with a sample book review of a title you've recently read and enjoyed. Please feel free to take a look at our reviews to get an idea of what we're looking for in a review.

Go on! Email them today and mention my name. You won't regret it.


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