Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tips for Writers Part Two

I needed to add a bit of an addendum to my post.

Self Publishing may be the road for you. It may not. Some big authors and some popular books started out as self-published titles. Ever hear of Chicken Soup for the Soul? BUT that isn't to say there isn't some SP that may not be up to par.

Some people don't want their work picked and poked apart by and editor. That's fine for them. But then again, sometimes that picking helps the story and moves it along. Some authors want to keep the feel and voice of their work. By all means, do that. All I'm saying is that editors and the red pen aren't evil. Wordiness can kill a great storyline, just as too many details and too big of gaps between the characters can drag down a heart wrenching piece.

Am I trying to insult SP authors. Heck no! Some of my good friends are Sp authors. I respect their decisions, because everyone is different.

What I am trying to say? As Fleetwood Mac said, you have to go your own way. What may be good enough for me won't fulfill your requirements.

Whatever choice you make, make sure you do your research and are satisfied. If you're happy and willing to make it work, then your dreams will come true.


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