Friday, July 10, 2009

Hot Reads for Summer Nights

Here are my suggestions for a great read for a hot summer night or an afternoon at the beach:

Club Shadowlands, Cherise Sinclair, Loose Id., Contemporary

She’s stranded in the rain with a sinking car. He’s in charge of the club, but not about to share control. What happens when they meet on a dark and stormy night? Come to Club Shadowlands and find out.

Her Noble Destiny, Annie Marshall, DCL Publications, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

She’s an Army nurse in a war zone. He’s a Scottish laird recovering from the loss of his brother. Who knew that 600 years, a Fae Queen, and circumstances beyond their control would bring them together? And what will happen when she can’t see her champion? She’ll learn Her Noble Destiny.

Magical Riffs: Rock Hard Seduction 4, Tonya Ramagos, Siren Publishing, Inc., Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

They share a past. A few weeks during one magical summer that neither of them can forget. Once they parted, neither thought they’d come together again. Who knew Magical Riffs would be that clasp to bind them once more?

Taking Chloe, Anne Rainey, Samhain Publishing, Contemporary

He’s a workaholic and she’s fed up. She wants her marriage to work. And he? Well, Chloe’s not sure what he wants. When Merrick realizes he’s close to losing Chloe, he decides he’s not taking no, he’s Taking Chloe.

Undercover Lover, Jane Leopold Quinn, Siren Publishing, Action/Adventure, Contemporary

He’s her fantasy lover. He’s also an undercover cop. She’s the object of his dirtiest desires. She also lives in the next building. What happens when they finally meet? Read Undercover Lover and find out.

Solitary Man, Karen Drogin (aka Carly Phillips), Kensington Publishing Group, Contemporary

Some men find that their lives are complete with that special woman. Other’s find happiness on their own. In the case of Kevin Manning, circumstances he can’t control convince him he’s condemned to live life alone. When Nikki Welles intervenes, he’ll find he just may not be Solitary Man material.

Hot-Wired, Jennifer LaBrecque, Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd., Blaze 0-60 series, Contemporary

She wants to plan the perfect wedding for a client. He wants to prevent the wedding at all costs because he’s convinced the groom isn’t totally honest. Problem? They keep butting heads until one wins or they both end up satisfied. What’s going to happen? Read Hot-Wired and find out.

I hope you enjoy! Happy reading.


Cherise Sinclair said...

Wendy, thanks for recommending Club Shadowlands!

And congrats on meeting the 2009 goal of being published!


Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

You're welcome. I really liked the story and was drawn in from page one. Great characters.


Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Hi Wendi, thank you so much for mentioning my novel, Undercover Lover, in your blog. I see I'm in great company. Thanks again.