Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dinos, Private Time, and Lolly-gagging

Took the tot to the zoo. We have these realistic anamatronic dinos at our local zoo and my son is gaga about them. He chanted "I'm not afraid" through the whole exhibit. Couple of years ago, the dinos scared him. This year, he LOVED it.

So did I get much done?????

I took pictures, yakked with pals, and didn't write a thing....

Spent time with the DH and went out to a kid-free dinner. Thought we were going to see the new Transformers movie. Watched Live Free or Die Hard instead. Not my idea of a hot movie, but it was time together without a zillion questions or a marathon of the Land of the Lost (The original one - Sid and Marty Kroft series).

Did I get anything done????

Still, sadly no.

Then I got the final Galley for Right. Then, I got something done. Oh, buddy, did I get something done. Yes, I want to get the thing right and promptly. I want to show I'm professional and hardworking. You know, to prove I can work well under pressure.

So, now it's back to the bat cave to work on a final draft for You'll Think of Me. I hope to submit it early next week.

Cross fingers for good luck and that it'll garner a contract.


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