Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Read Hot Reads for Summer Nights

I have another editor of my Red Hot Reads. Here are my picks for the month of July.

...and Able Lucy Monroe, Brava, Contemporary

The one you love may not be the one you think you deserve, but when it’s right, it’s right. In the case of Brett and Claire, she’s got to be willing to accept in and he’s got to be... Able.
Mated to a Wolf, Marisa Chenery, Liquid Silver Books, Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy

When a woman’s in love, she’ll stop at nothing to get her man. When he’s not sure he’s in love, he’d better watch out. An independent, determined woman will get her mate.
Want to know more? Read Mated to a Wolf and find out.
Another Man’s Baby, Kay Stockham, Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd., Contemporary

Life throws you curve balls all the time. You have the choice: do you duck or do you catch it and make the best of things? How do you handle life when you’re carrying Another Man’s Baby? Read Darcy and Garret’s story and find out.
Forbidden Island, Samantha Gentry, The Wild Rose Press, Contemporary

Sometimes a chance encounter is all it takes to leave a lasting impression. Want to know more? Visit Forbidden Island and learn more.
Man with a Past, Kay Stockham, Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd., Contemporary, Inspirational
He’s got a reputation that he can’t shake. She’s in desperate need of home improvement help. He needs her in order to heal. She needs a Man with a Past in order to move on.
Every once in a while, that one book comes along that stays with you. You think about it long after the last page is turned. A Man with a Past is one of those books.
Solitary Man, Karen Drogin (aka Carly Phillips), Kensington Publishing Group, Contemporary

Some men find that their lives are complete with that special woman. Other’s find happiness on their own. In the case of Kevin Manning, circumstances he can’t control convince him he’s condemned to live life alone. When Nikki Welles intervenes, he’ll find he just may not be Solitary Man material.

The Warlord’s Woman, Tracy L. Ranson, Siren Publishing, Historical

She’s the heir to the Scottish throne. He’s bent on vengeance and punishment. Theirs is a marriage made quite a bit lower than heaven. Can Catherine handle the tough situation? Only is she’s willing to be The Warlord’s Woman.

Happy reading. Enjoy!


Helen Hardt said...

They all sound great!

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Thanks! I haven't had a chance to read many of your works, but they all sound really good! : )