Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Out Now ~ You Belong to Me #paranormal #shifters #menage

 You Belong to Me  

Book 2 in the Battle Scars Series
By Wendi Zwaduk
M/F, M/M, M/F/M, M/M/F, Menage, Anal Sex, Voyeurism
Paranormal, Contemporary
Turquoise Morning Press

The vampire and wolf shifter will protect Ava with their lives—because they belong together as deemed by the Sources. Will their blossoming love wither before they get a chance to stoke the flames, or will it be strong enough to overcome their problems?

The world can crumble around us, but we’ve always got each other. Always.

Ava Grant learned the hard way not to trust anyone. Trust equaled opening up to another person and allowing herself to be hurt. She’s done with pain—until she’s summoned by the Sources. Her world is thrown into upheaval. Two men can help her, if she’s willing to let them in. Will she able to open her heart to a vampire and a wolf shifter?

Joachim Stokes and Padraig O’Malley are the best of friends. The attraction between them is palpable, but there’s something missing. When they are tasked with protecting Ava, they realize they’d found what they’ve been missing—her. A bond forms between the three, but some bonds are meant to be broken. With the war heating up, her past won’t stay hidden forever.

Will their blossoming love wither before they get a chance to stoke the flames, or will it be strong enough to overcome their problems?

©Wendi Zwaduk, 2014, All Rights Reserved

The door creaked. When Ava shifted her focus from the clothes, Joachim smiled. She liked the wolf shifter from the first moment she’d met him. Quiet and shy, he didn’t command attention like some men, but he grabbed hers.
“Hey, you.” He sat on her bed. “What’s happening? Clothes shopping?”
“Something like that.” She browsed the different dresses and then picked a red and white check pattern. “Close your eyes.”
“Ava. I won’t do anything.” He shrugged. “I’ve been a gentleman so far.”
She had to give him that—he hadn’t pushed her. Ava hesitated. This was a big moment for her. She didn’t undress in front of anyone unless he’d been willing to pay or was Maslow with a gun to her head. She didn’t want Joachim to see the scars.
The shifter grinned and did as she’d asked. He folded his legs up under his powerful body. The muscles in his arms bulged. Her belly tightened and her nipples ached. She liked strong men and wondered what it would be like to wrap herself in his embrace. Of course he’d have to be attracted to her. She doubted he liked girls. He hardly gawked at her in the same ways other men did. She wriggled out of the T-shirt and shoved her tattered jeans to the floor. A part of her wanted to run across the room and jump into his arms. She wanted to be desired. The rest of her knew the score—get dressed and forget the attraction she craved. She unzipped the garment and slipped the soft cotton over her frame. She wasn’t as busty as the original wearer, but she liked the way the dress snugged her ribs and waist and showcased some of her cleavage.
“Okay, you can look.” She strolled up to him. “I need you to zip me.” She turned her back on him. “Please?”
“This fits you well.” He tugged the pull, closing the back of the dress. “I like it.”
“Do you?” She let go of her hair and faced him. “This is part of me being brave.”
She nodded to the duffle bag. “My past is in there.” She sat beside him and patted his thigh. Dear Lord, the man had nice legs. She shook her head. “I mean, everything in that bag reminds me of my time with Maslow. He expected his girls to dress like…you know.”
“I do.” He draped his arm around her shoulders. “Sometimes you’ve got to leave the past in the past and never dredge it up again. I’m proud of you.”

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