Sunday, December 29, 2013

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - WEEK EIGHTEEN - PLAYOFF BOUND!!

 It’s the last game of the regular season. Opponent: Ravens. The mission: Win. You got it! We’re headed to the post season, baby!!!

Now, let’s get to those Honorable Mentions!

“...goes to the right in the slot position...”
The right could be where it’s at.

“...ideal size and speed...”
He’s a prized one.

“...played with three different quarterbacks....”
Hey, they really like him and like to pass him around.

And now for the Quotes of the Week. Some of these are real winners.

“...learn to finish late...”
Yes, completion is very nice. It’s appreciated.

“ much man to man coverage....”
Pairing up is always good. Trios and Quads can be fun, too.

“...gonna blow up...”
Can we watch?

“...gonna fit this one in the back...”
Only if she allows you to. He’d love it if you did.

“....gotta squeeze it...”

“....gotta get that cleaned up...”
Don’t want to be messy—unless that’s what you’re going for.

Now for the Doozy of the Week. This was said on national television and I still can’t believe it.

“...He smacks it up in there, which I like....”
As long as you like it, it’s all good.

11-5 baby! Woooo hooooo! It wasn’t always great and got messy a couple of times, but we’re going to the post season. Can’t ask for more...except maybe a few wins in the post season. Hint, hint. Who dey!

 Thanks for reading and Go Bengals!! Let’s take it all the way!

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