Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - WEEK THIRTEEN

HA! That was a messy win, but a win over those Chargers. Squee! 8-4 and on top of the AFC North is not too shabby. Who dey!!

Now, let’s get to those Honorable Mentions!

“...One push off and you can get open...”
Um... duh?

“...Dual threat tight end can do it all...”
Nice! Is he for sale, too?

“...Good block. Strained Murray to the outside....”
As long as nothing got hurt, it’s all good.

And now for the Quotes of the Week. Some of these are real winners.

“ it in...”
Ah, he’s going caveman!

“...when in doubt, keep the extra guys in...”
The more the better!

“...foot was too wide and it wasn’t finishing...”
Foot fetish... ew. Just ew.

“...strong armed it into the corner...”
Hey, at least he knows what he’s doing and doesn’t think twice.

“....slot receiver at the line...”
Oh, so that’s the new code name. Got it.

“....Slot receiver matched up well...”
Well, we hope so, but we can’t all get what we want.

Now for the Doozy of the Week. This was said on national television and I still can’t believe it.
“...Big hands, largest guy...good on this completion....”
You know what they say about big guys... they’re goofy looking. Snicker. At least he got the job done.

We’ve got three home games and four left in the season. Here’s to a high note for all four weeks. Who dey!
 Thanks for reading and Go Bengals!!

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