Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Beginnings and Blisse Bunnies!!

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It's time for new beginnings! Those wonderful second chances that make life exciting and fun. Plus, Blisse Bunnies are so cute! I'm glad to be part of the hop. Click here to read the other posts and find the rest of the bunnies! Read the excerpt below and make sure you count up the bunnies. Could be one, could be more. But read on.

New beginnings and second chances are both integral to Best I Ever Had. There are three people who've been through a dangerous situation. It's what they do afterwards that is the turning point. Here, read on.

The objective—keep her safe. No one said anything about falling in love.
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All she wanted was a pint of ice cream, not to be a witness to a double murder. Good thing Emma’s got not one, but two, sexy men willing to keep her safe. As long as she can keep her hands to herself.
Sam’s mission? To find the man responsible for the murder. He’s not going to rest until the streets are safe, even if it means having his best friend guard his best girl. It’s the best option, right?
Quint never dreamed he’d be attracted to his best friend’s lover…and his best friend. He’s got to keep his hands to himself all while figuring out what he wants from life, even if love equals Emma and Sam in Quint’s bed.
Is love in the cards or are they going to go up in flames before they get started?
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Have an excerpt:

Emma shrugged out of his shirt. The brisk air in the bedroom kissed her dewy skin. She fumbled with the zipper on her shorts. Sam grasped the frayed edge of her shorts and pulled. The scream of ripping denim ricocheted through the room. “No bottoms?” Sam crawled along her body and planted his knees on either side of her hips. He cupped her chin and nibbled her ear. “You shaved.”

Emma threaded one arm around his neck and spoke against his lips. “I like being bare.”

“I like you bare.” He took both her hands in one of his and arranged her on the bed. “You’re so wet.” His gaze seared her. “For me.”

“Sam?” Her heart pounded. “Make love to me, Sam. With Quint watching.” She held her breath. She’d known about Sam and Quint’s involvement for quite a while and she liked Quint. More than she should’ve. He’d hovered in her life for the past six months and become a fixture in most things she did. With him out of the room, things felt off. Yes, she loved her husband, but she loved Quint, too.

“I want Quint to watch,” she whispered. “I do.”

“Quint?” Sam dragged his fingers over her pussy lips. “You’re sure?”

“More than ever. He’s your lover, too. Why would I count him out?” The more she talked out what she wanted, the stronger she sounded. Being honest with herself and Sam comforted her.

“Em?” Worry and confusion shone in Sam’s eyes. “When? How? We were cautious.”

“Yes, you were, but even cautious gets people into trouble.” She arched her back, showcasing her breasts. “You started this fire. Don’t let it burn out. Have him come in here or finish me yourself.”

“Quint,” Sam shouted. “Quint?”

The door creaked and footsteps padded on the floor. Quint appeared over Sam’s shoulder. “You rang?”
“Pull up a chair.” Sam kept his gaze fixed on her and rubbed his cheek along her inner thigh. “Enjoy the show.”

After he exchanged glances with her, Quint eased the rest of the way into the room. “Thank you, Jesus.” He sank down in the beat up armchair. One hand palmed his crotch while the other hand gripped the arm of the chair. “About damn time. I have permission?”

“You have mine.” Emma licked her lips. This was real. Him, Sam, all of it. Her breath lodged fast in her throat. Their first time all together and she wouldn’t change a minute of it so far.

“Do you like having him here?” Sam flattened his tongue along her sensitive skin, grazing his teeth over her labia. “Like knowing he’s hard right now? Like me tasting you?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she managed. Sparks shot from her clit to her lower belly and bounced to her brain. The sensation overload overwhelmed her. “Feels good when you stroke me down there. It tingles.”
“Fuck. So soft. Silky.” Sam palmed her breast and tweaked the nipple until she cried out.

“You’re mine.” He scooted off the bed and pressed her legs open. “Mine.”

“God, that’s hot.” The click of Quint’s zipper caught her attention. “Love this.”

“Our girl is hot as hell.”

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