Saturday, March 2, 2013

Paws with a Cause with Paulette Forshey

Today I welcome my friend, Paulette Forshey and her story about Brandy. Read on!!

In our little town, we have rituals, some might believe they’re a bit odd, but that’s what makes them habits.
We have a strip mall with a Chinese Restaurant tucked nicely in the many rows of stores. People like to go there for the great food and meet up with friends. After the meal, people travel up two doors to the pet store; I know oriental food and pet store, there should be a joke in there somewhere. Next stop is the local Wal-mart and then home.
We continued this routine for about four months, and each time we went into the pet store there was a beautiful blonde baby Basset Hound sitting in a cramped cubicle. She was a twin in color and looks to a female Basset Hound we’d had years before. We’d go in find her and stand watching this bundle of wiggles and long floppy years bounce around in the tiny cage. Week after week we went in to see her and each time the staff would ask if we wanted to hold her. Repeatedly, my husband would smile and say, “No thank you, we’re just looking”. After all, at home, were our six year old Basset Hound, Daisy and our three year old Jack Russell, Belle. We had two dogs, we didn’t need another, right?
The little Basset Hound was getting bigger and bigger and her cubicle wasn’t. It was a typical Saturday, Chinese, Pet Store, would you like to see her, and “Yes, please”.
My husband said yes. The staff got her out and my husband went to the play area with her while I followed, dumbfound, behind him.
That now not so tiny bundle of Bassett bounced, ran around the play area, and kept jumping into my husband’s arms. Each time she did, her razor sharp baby teeth grazed hubby’s hands slicing them better than a Ginsue knife in a cheap late night T.V. commercial.
My husband laughed, petted her, and repeated over and over what a beautiful good girl she was. Then he turned to me and said, “Get out the checkbook”. He had to make the request twice because I wasn’t sure he’d said those words, but he had.
As we were walking out the door, her in his arms licking his face, wearing her new collar and leash, one of the staff leaned over and whispered to him. I was busy trying to listen to the other staff member explain all the paper work she stuffed in my hands, so I missed the comment.
Outside in the car hubby handed me the wiggling bundle and started the car. As I arraigned the little girl across my lap, I asked him what the person had said.
“After four months the older dogs are sent away. She was no longer a cute cuddly puppy, she was near to a dog now. People buy puppies, not dogs. Thanks for giving her a home.”
I hugged her close to me and told her she was going to our house, her ‘forever home’. Because she resembled our other Basset Hound from so many years before, she became Brandy Sniffer II, Brandy Jean for short. That was eight years ago and she’s still with us at her forever home.

 J. Paulette Forshey
Award winning author of Deliciously Sinful Romances

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