Friday, January 18, 2013

Sight in the City with Tabitha Rayne

Thanks so much for having me to talk about Smut In The City, Wendi – I have to say, I love this anthology and have been having a wonderful time immersing myself in the other authors’ erotic city adventures.

My own story, The Conjuror is about a woman who is losing her sight but trying not to lose her identity or have her new disability be the thing that now defines her. She takes a night time trip to a bar where she finds a gentleman who shows her how to find sensual pleasure in her new condition.

The phrase ‘life mimicking art’ popped to mind a few weeks ago. I had the oddest thing happen while I was in the city shopping and my vision became blurred and pixelated – it was migraine related, so I was familiar with the sensation – but for a whole afternoon, I wandered around shops and streets feeling disorientated and being unable to see properly. Since I had written a story about loss of vision, I decided to embrace the experience and put myself in my character’s shoes, if only for a few hours.

I explored the city with all of my senses alert, feeling like I was using my whole body to navigate my way through the shops, cafes and traffic. It was very intense.

Sadly for me though, a handsome stranger did not whisk me off to his artist’s studio and show me how to feel colours...

I’m chuffed to bits to be part of this sexy anthology and hope you’ll give it a try!

Here’s a little excerpt from The Conjuror
 “I’ll have a vodka martini, please,” I purr with my best temptress tone and snap open my red evening bag to get my purse. There, see? Just a normal woman out and about.
I sip my drink as slowly as I can, which as it turns out is not slowly at all and suck on ice and thin air tuning in to snippets of conversation going on around me until I think enough time has passed to order another without appearing like a lush.
The barman hands me the drink and I slurp it down in one go. Have the guidelines on measures changed? I’m sure a libation in a tall glass used to last longer than this. I’m nervous. I always drink quickly when I’m nervous – then when I’m not nervous anymore, I’m totally plastered. I will take a lemonade next time; I don’t want to be reckless.
“Waiting for someone?” A low silky voice slides into my ear and nestles there as I keep my gaze ahead but see a tall, suited man sit on the stool next to me.
I consider lying. Then don’t. “Actually, no. I’m just out for a drink, enjoying the evening.” I turn and smile at him hoping my eyes are meeting his when all I can see is dark blurry space where his features should be.
“Care for some company?” he asks and my heart rate slows a little – I must have got away with it.
“Why yes,” I say, feeling the two shots of vodka beginning to work their magic, “I would.”
He pulls his stool closer to mine and motions to the barman. “Two of whatever the lady’s drinking.” I smile and pretend to watch the barman while I take in the stranger from the side of my eye. He is most certainly what I would call hot. I blush as his warm hand brushes mine when he passes my glass. I feel him looking me up and down, studying me, working me out. “What’s your name?”
“Carla,” I say using my middle name as I always do. I was named Elsie after my grandmother and while I love my granny, I’ve never felt the name suited me much – especially while trying to pick up sophisticated suited gentleman in a wine bar. “Yours?”
“Mmm, that’s unusual,” I say, feeling more and more relaxed in his company. We fall into easy conversation.
“I am an artist at heart,” he says and my ears prick. How suave!
“What kind?” I ask crossing my fingers hoping he is a painter.
“I paint women.” Jackpot! I’ve always fancied myself as a muse. I lift my ribcage and check my posture hoping he might consider me for that very role. “Nude women.” Heat prickles up my neck and flushes my cheeks. I’m no prude but the way he says it draws a certain excitement from me. I sense my nipples have become visible through my sheer dress. I make no attempt to hide the fact and actually reach seductively for my drink so that my upper body twists slightly towards him.
“What part?” I purr...

Tabitha Rayne has been told she is quirky, lovely and kinky – not necessarily in that order or by the same person. She writes erotic romance and as long as there’s a love scene – she’ll explore any genre.
Her short stories, published and upcoming, are included in anthologies from Xcite, Oysters & Chocolate, Cleiss, Ravenous Romance, Mischief, and House of Erotica. She has two stand alone titles from Beachwalk Press.
Her new novel, A Clockwork Butterfly is out now.

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Thanks for having me today, Wendi - I just love the stories in this anthology - so delighted to be part of it ;) x x