Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ten Lines from Love of My Life!

Today I thought I'd share a snippet, ten lines, from Love of My Life, from the Smut in the City anthology. Grin. Love this story. Hopefully, you do, too.

“Let me take your mind off your problem.” He turned her around and held her in his arms, albeit loosely. Torin began to sway and sing. “I’ve never found a woman like the love of my life.”

She sagged against him and clutched his shirt. She figured he’d try to get into her pants. Zoe rubbed her cheek on his shoulder. She settled into the rhythm of his movements, transfixed by him.

“You broke my heart, so I gave you your freedom,” he sang. “My mistake to live with for so long. How can I say I was wrong?”

Zoe processed his words. She’d heard the song a thousand times on the radio, but never with the passion and pain in his voice. Tears shimmered in her eyes. She shouldn’t melt into him. Shouldn’t want him so much.

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