Thursday, January 24, 2013

Football Quotes of the Week

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Here they are, the football quotes of the week. Love getting these. Not too many weeks left, so I've been extra vigilant to capture them. Enjoy!

“...Harris is tough to bring down...”
I'd bet. He's a big guy!

“...they like what they have in him...”
Now inquiring minds want to know WHAT it is they have in him. 

“...looking for big things on the field...”
What kinds of big things?

“...Petersen stood up by Brad Jones...”
Aw. Now that's not very nice. He should've at least apologized. 

“...Gronkowski on the receiving end of it...”
OOh! Can we see it?

“...It’s a matter of Rodgers putting it where Nelson can get it...”
Sounds like some white hot fun play. And yes, I want to see it.

Well, those are the quotes. Two more weeks and we're done. Super Bowl time. Oh and NASCAR time!!!

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