Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday on Wednesday

I wanted to post this yesterday, but there was a lot going on so I saved it for today. Grin. Miss Me Baby came out this week, so here's ten lines. Enjoy!

"She didn’t go into the water alone. She had help."

John stared at the flat line on the computer screen and rubbed his chin. He couldn’t believe his ears. The last night he’d seen Felicity, she hadn’t been near the lake. Eight years’ time made more than the memory muddy. Some days he could barely remember her face. Other times, his heart ached like she’d just passed.

He focused on the bad day eight years in the past. The day she’d died. She’d hated water-boating, swimming... Being in water scared her to death. But the pulsating bars on the sound programme accompanied by the words in the dialogue box didn’t lie-someone had called the police tip line.

Someone wanted him to pay for her death. Didn’t the caller realise John had paid for losing Felicity every day since she’d passed?

"Can you play it again? I thought the person sounded familiar, but now I’m not sure."

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