Friday, October 19, 2012

Sexy Cover Saturday!

romangorielov / 123RF Stock Photo

This is the only totally MM story I've written as Wendi Zwaduk, but you all wanted to know what happened to Berto and Remi, so I had to write it. I love this story and hope you do, too. Go get a copy. It's free!!!

The end of the book or the start of a new chapter? Berto thought he’d lost a part of himself when his prized miniature bull terrier passed. Thankfully he’s had his partner Remi to help him grieve. Berto’s convinced one day he’ll be ready to open his heart and adopt another pet.

Some day.

Remi has other ideas. He knows Berto’s hurting and Remi wants to soothe the pain in the best way he knows how.

But will his plan backfire before he gets started?

Available here!

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