Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday ~ WIP Madness!!

I'm using a WIP that's been rolling around because some of my other chatty characters went silent. Imagine that. Grin. So enjoy these ten lines and I'll get moving on finishing the story!

Shannon adjusted the lens on her camera and scratched the wispy hairs at the back of her neck. This had better be worth it. The model still hadn’t emerged from the dressing room. She rolled her eyes and tapped her foot.

“Not out yet?” Professor Sinclair said from over her shoulder.

Shannon suppressed the whimper. Professor Dreamy aka Sinclair could talk to her any day. One word spoke in his gravelly tone and every cell in her body quivered. She’d taken all the course offerings he taught, even when her fine arts degree didn’t call for so many photography classes.

“Children.” He squeezed her shoulder. “I’m glad you were on time. You were the only person I had in mind for this shoot.”

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